February 13, 2020
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Winter is heading towards its end, it’s almost mid-February on the calendars, which means the approach of the most romantic holiday in the year — St. Valentine’s Day.

While it’s best to show your beloved ones how you appreciate them without any special occasion, Valentine’s Day is another opportunity to express love and admiration once again. The modern tradition is to give the present to your valentine and organize some romantic time spending together.

The origins of the holiday go back to ancient times to the priest named Valentine. It is said that the priest went against the order of the emperor Claudius II, which forbade young soldiers to conduct marriages, and started to perform secret marriages. The weddings were happening until the secret was discovered by the emperor and Valentine was put to the death penalty. However, he already became so popular among young lovers, that they started celebrating the day of love in his name.

The presents and traditions about the holiday vary pretty much around the globe. For example, in America couples would usually present some heart-shaped chocolates to their crush, while Germans would prefer a ginger cookie and something with a pig on it, like a figure or card. Pigs are considered to be the symbols of love and lust, so they are the most popular mascots for this day.

Still, chocolate has the first place in the most popular sweets for couples. In Japan, people prepare different types of chocolate for their classmates/co-workers and, normally home-made, for their lovers.

If you want something special to present too, check out Urbani Truffle Chocolate Bonbons. The taste is extremely unique since it is a mixture of Italian truffle and high-quality chocolate. Your second half will definitely be surprised.

Flowers are also among the most popular gifts for this day. In many countries roses are the best sellers, however, in Denmark men prefer getting a bouquet of snowdrops for their sweethearts.

Another interesting tradition exists in Estonia: people who appear to be single on Valentine’s Day can take a ride on a “love bus” that gives an opportunity to find romance.

If you are far from all the romantic aspects of the holiday, it will be nice to know that in Slovenia February 14th is not only the day of love but also the spring welcome day. St. Valentine is known there as the patron saint of spring. So everyone can find a personal reason to make the date special.

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