About Urbani Truffles
We Are Since 1999

The Urbani family has been a prestigious and respected name in the truffle business for generations.

From its inception, in 1850, under the guidance of Carlo Urbani, the Urbani reputation for excellence has been carefully and faithfully handed down from one generation to the next. As a result, the passage of so many years has served only to strengthen the Urbani name and heritage, as each newer generation blends the traditions, customs and knowledge of the previous one, and adds its own unique sense of enrichment.

The success of Urbani Tartufi, in great measure, has been made possible by the unique charisma and profound knowledge of the Urbani brothers.

Urbani is strongly present all over the world: USA, Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Brussels, Belgium and Philippines.

By now its clear that the Urbani Truffles Group is the absolute world leader in truffles, processing an annual average of 100 tons of product, and it is one of the most prestigious flags of Italy in the world.

Paolo Urbani continues to repeat the slogan “All over the world, the word for truffles is Urbani”.