September 26, 2019
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September is here and school is back in session. As the kids heading back to lessons, many parents are looking for easy but nutritious snacks and meals. And you know, delicious meals don’t have to be difficult. Some of the tastiest recipes are the simplest. Below are a few of Urbani’s favorite Back-to-School recipes for you to try out this fall.

New Take on Grilled Cheese

With a few creative ingredients, you can elevate the classic grilled cheese sandwich from childhood favorite to a comforting and satisfying main. A fancy sandwich for a quick lunch – Urbani Cream Cheese is blended with shredded cheese of your choice, then grilled between slices of French bread.

Pesto Pasta

For a fast weeknight meal that uses only two ingredients, Pesto Pasta is a definite go-to. It uses Urbani Truffle Pesto and refrigerated pasta to cut down on prep time so you can get your meal on the table fast with minimal cleanup. (And really, what’s not to love about that!).

Pesto works for any shape pasta, but typically long and thin or short and compact varieties are most familiar. When cooking your pasta, always salt your water generously (wait until your water has come to a boil) and cook your pasta until al denté so the noodles still have a good texture that hasn’t turned to mush. You can toss in a few fresh tomatoes on top once finished, and don’t forget that extra Parmigiano! 

Zucchini Tots

Loaded with zucchini and carrots, these tots do not even taste healthy. It’s the perfect way to sneak in veggies, and it’s just so stinking good.

Now, these tots are loaded with freshly grated zucchini, carrots, cheddar cheese and Parmigiano, although you can easily swap out the cheddar for your favorite kind of cheese.

Just be sure to wring out as much water as you can from the shredded zucchini – that’s the secret to getting these babies nice and crisp.

When ready to serve, all you need is a dollop of Urbani Truffle Ketchup. The pickiest of eaters don’t even have to know that these are loaded with veggies.

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